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Mastering Pool DVD Featuring Mika Immonen - Advanced Level

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Think you've mastered the game of pool? This training DVD featuring world champion and player of the decade Mika Immonen is for only the most advanced players. Positional shots, Advanced Shot Making, Throw & Transferred English, Advanced Safety Play and Running Out are all covered in this professional level training DVD.


Format: Widescreen
Length: 87 minutes


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        November 17, 2010

      Mastering Pool Volume 3 Sample

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    • The third volume of the Mastering Pool DVD series is really for advanced users only. The expectation with this DVD is that you already understand all the basics of playing position and cue ball control. As you'll see in the sample of this DVD, the advanced level focuses on safety play as well as kicking, banking and other advanced strategies. As with the first two in the series, the quality of the DVD is superb but the lessons are only for those who have extremely strong game.

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