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Precision Pool 2nd Edition

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Sharpen your strategy and shot-making skills. Whether it's Eight Ball, Nine Ball, One Pocket or Straight Pool, Precision Pool will reveal the secrets the pros know. Authors Gerry "The Ghost" Kanov and Shari "the Shark" Stauch leave nothing to chance, sharing wealth of experience the gained from coaching or competing against virtually every top professional player.

This updated second edition book includes the following:

* Grips
* Vision and aim
* Power breaks
* Bank shots
* Combinations
* English
* Safeties
* Practice plans
* Match strategies
* Over 175 full-color diagrams of critical shots, common patterns, and trick shots.


Format: Paperback
Pages: 233


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      • Currently 3/5 Stars.
        January 1, 2013

      good basic book

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    • I wish this book had offered the wealth of knowledge some of the other books I have read on pool have in them. I felt some of the subjects were simplied and lacked depth. The saving graces for me are that the diagrams are in color. They tend to draw more attention, and are eye pleasing in color. I just wanted more examples than I was given here.
      There were a few subjects I haven't seen in other books such as eye coordination, and being color blind I found interesting. Who knew you could exercise your eyes for better vision, or get shaded glasses for people like me who are partially color blind to compete better.
      There is definitely information in this book, but I would either make this book my introduction into pool playing literature, or pick it up specifically for ending chapters on exercises, attitude, and eye coordination.

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