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Scorpion SCO24 Pool Cue

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This Scorpion pool cue was designed to enable the high-level of play achieved by professional player Johnny Archer. This cue is built of hard rock maple and coated with fiberglass to ensure a long life against warping and dings. Also, this cue is brought to you with a simple solid black butt and forearm, a classic natural fiberglass bonded shaft and a black Irish linen wrap to help avoid slippage in your strike. All in all, this is a valuable cue for different levels of play elevating all the way to the highest, and now you can have it at this affordable price.

Please note that the shaft on this cue is natural stained hardrock maple with a clear fiberglass coating, so don't use any abrasives when you're cleaning it.


Tip: 13mm Water Buffalo
Ferrule: 1" Fiber
Shaft: 29" Fiberglass Bonded Hardrock Maple 13" Pro Taper
Collar: Black
Pin: 3/8x14
Forearm: Black
Rings: Thick Silver Rings
Wrap: Black Irish Linen
Sleeve: Black
Plate: Black
Bumper: Black rubber
Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer
Additional Info: Includes Joint protectors
Weight Adjustable: No


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      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        February 5, 2014

      Great value

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    • For the sake of honesty, I must admit I decided to buy a Scorpion cue because Johnny Archer is my favorite pro. But this did work out very well for me!
      I received this cue yesterday. It is my first "proper" cue. As far as price vs quality goes, hard to beat. This is an extremely affordable cue, an excellent choice for your first cue. I have used some higher end cues, but since my skill set is in the lower portion of intermediate (can draw, follow, use a bit of english and some primitive position play) those cues work no better for me than this one. If you're just learning to use draw and/or english, this is a great cue to purchase without having to dip into your life savings.
      I plan to spend a bit more money down the road and eiher purchase a low-deflection cue in the $200 range, or maybe just find a low deflection shaft to put on this butt. If I do purchase an entirely new cue, this cue will become my girlfriend's, and will likely still find its way to the pool hall as a spare/loaner. Either way, it will see definite long term use on my home table.
      The fiberglass coating is very nice, I am sure that this will ensure the longevity of my cue, and will also make it easier to clean. I have particularly sweaty hands so the extra protetion is very nice. I have a glove on order so that will help a lot. The fiberglass coating isn't obtrusively apparent, as far as looks goes. It looks like it's just wood, takes a moment for people to realize there is a coating.
      The water buffalo tip that came on the cue works quite well, after receiving a good nickel diameter shaping and a nice coating of Lava Chalk I was able to easily draw the CB off an OB across the table a couple feet. A guy I play with was able to effortlessly draw the CB on th same shot completely across the table and halfway back again. And then it took me 25 minutes to get my cue away from him, even despite his complaints that he prefers a 19 oz and I got a 21. I have a Tiger Everest medium on order, looking forward to that.
      The cue is attractive in the simplicity of its design; an even black that is nicely offset by the silver rings and the Scorpion logo. Keep in mind that a cue that isn't highly decorated does 2 things: 1) Keeps the cost down, helping you to purchase a higher quality cue for a lower price than a fancy artsy cue that could be potentially lower in actual quality. Flashy and quality are different things. 2) Doesn't cause people in the local pool hall to think you bought a flashy piece just because you don't know how to properly research a cue and just got one that looks cool, especially if you don't then break and run 10 racks to prove otherwise. Instead,with this cue, they will have no choice but to understand that you bought a well-priced cue that was an excellent choice for a person of rapidly improving, but intermediate, skill set. They may even buy you a beer as a gentlemanly way of saying "Good job, you're not an idiot."
      I ordered the product on Jan 24, it shipped on Jan 25 and I received in on Feb 4th. That may not seem too amazing, but I am currently deployed overseas with the military in the Balkans region, so 10 days was pretty fantastic. It arrived the same day as an order from a massive online marketplace which claims to have amazing shipping that I had placed 3 days prior to purchasing my cue.
      I am quite happy with my purchase, especially the price. This is a good choice for anyone from a fresh beginner to someone who is in their 3rd pool league.

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