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        November 12, 2010
    • This product is great. I have used it time and time again with quality results every time. I would recommend this for anyone buying a burnisher. After you done using it just was it off, let it dry and put it away till next time. I have had mine for almost a year and use it maybe once every month or two(when needed) and it still works like its brand new. For a price tag of $7 this can't be beat. Thank you Tiger!

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        November 8, 2010
    • Being a player who is involved in multiple leagues the Q Claw 5 has been a royal treat. With teams up to 8 players there is the constant question of where to place all of our cues. Most environments for these leagues are in local bars that we travel to and from on a week to week basis. Anyone who plays on these leagues understands that you don't want to just leave your cue lying around. Within both of my teams their are 8 playing cues ranging in price from $100 - $1600 and 2 regularly used break cues (1 Stinger and one Predator BK2) summing up to around $800. Buying the claw 5 we can now hold many of our cues in one area. One thing i realized after i bought my Q Claw 5 what that when placed on a surface you can use the ends too as a spot for a cue. So when needed your Q Claw 5 can act as a Q Claw 7 which has helped me out multiple times. Can't saw enough good things about this product

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        November 7, 2010
    • These exotic wood joint protectors are top notch and they make choosing your cue out a case extremely easy. The only tip i have for the buyer is realize that these are not like plastic joint protectors and may be a little tight at first. When i purchased mine i could not screw one end completely on (this was the male part of the joint, female protector fit perfectly). At first i though they were defective and had pool dawg send me out another one and they did immediately at no charge. It now fits like a glove. I will be purchasing more when i get new cues

Location: Danbury, CT

Playing Cue: McDermott M2K-1
Break Cue: Stinger Jump/Break
Jump Cue: Stinger Jump/Break
Cue Case: Elite 2 Butt/4 Shaft Leather Hard Pool Cue Case
Cue Accessory: Q Claw 5-Cue Holder