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        November 1, 2010
    • The Elite Heavy Breaker is our best selling break cue by a wide margin. That being said, this break cue is not for everyone. There are lots of theories that deal with cue weight. Some people hold the theory that a heavier cue will equate to more power. Others say the same of the ultra light break cues. Much like swinging a heavier (or lighter) baseball bat, this is dependent on how quick you can snap. Just by looking at Newton’s Second Law, we know that acceleration is dependent on both the net force acting on an object and the mass of the object itself.

      While I’m not a physicist and remember very little from my high school physics class, the bottom line is that a heavier cue will not always mean a more powerful hit or break. In some cases, it may even create less power depending on how much force you can create.

      That being said, I love this break cue. It gives me a much stronger break than I have with a standard break cue, but I do find that I lose a bit of control when using my heavy breaker, however the increase in power more than makes up for the slight loss of cue ball control (for my game anyway). When deciding whether or not this is the right break cue for you, consider the following questions:

      *Are you going to be able to generate enough force to get a powerful break with a heavy breaker?
      *Is a 27oz cue legal in your league?
      *Do you prefer a fat shaft (as the heavy breaker's shaft is approx. 14mm)?

      As with all the pool cues we sell, this comes with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, so if you buy it and it's not for you, just give us a call and we'll get it taken care of.

    • ( 3 of 3 people found this review helpful.)

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        November 1, 2010
    • One of the questions I get quite a bit here at PoolDawg is how I clean my personal pool cue. The answer I give is the same answer I've been giving for years - get a Q Wiz. It does a wonderful job cleaning your shaft and easily pulls both chalk and grime out. The way I use it is as follows:

      Wrap the disc around the shaft with the rough side facing the shaft
      Rub the rough side of the Q Wiz up and down your pool cue shaft a few times
      Flip the Q Wiz over and rub the smooth side up and down your shaft a few times

      That's it! Once you clean it with a Q Wiz, you'll immediately notice the difference. The tool is washable too, so when it gets dirty, just give it a little wash, let it dry and it'll be good as new.

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