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        April 2, 2012
    • ok for the money. Construction dents easy. Mine fell from leaning on the table to a chair edge and it left a "dent".
      Looks cheap with the "painted" points.
      Not impressed. Worst cue purchase.

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        March 11, 2012
    • always wish you had a towel and did not have one ?
      You always need a handy towel when you play, and this is a nice item.
      Smaller than a kitchen tea towel, but larger than a wash cloth.
      This is a handy item to have around.

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        March 11, 2012
    • Handy and flat item to keep in your pool cue case.
      Comes with a rough side to clean off all the gunk on your cue shaft, then a smooth side to give it a nice luster.
      Just wish it was an 1" larger in diameter, but that is just me.
      It works great and leaves your pool cue shaft looking and feeling great.

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        March 11, 2012
    • this is one of those items that is great for pool league night.
      You will always have YOUR chalk with you. it can slide in your front or rear pocket and is always at the ready between shots. Chalk holder is nice becouse you dont get chalk all over your case or clothes. Handy item to have. Nice not to use "house" chalk when you have your own in your back pocket.

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        March 11, 2012
    • I like to change the stock tips on cues to a better tip.
      I like the Tiger Medium, but that is just me.
      There is a million tips and hardness levels to choose from.

      Pool Dawg: Can you make a page on your site devoted to tips and tip changing?
      Types of tips, types of hardness and what they do....

      You have a great drop down menu on tips when you buy a cue, but we need some descriptions/education on your choices to make it easier for us newbies to decide on what tip to buy.

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