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        January 3, 2012
    • I have both the original and this advanced set. The advanced set is a narrower, longer card that makes the pool table graphic more in correct proportion to a real table than the original set.

      Some of these are really tough. I have not played the game even yet against another player. I use them to direct practice by shuffling the deck and drawing one card at a time and shooting that shot until I can shoot it clean (or with this advanced set, until I get frustrated and move on as some of these I cannot do yet).

      I met Mike Massey at an event, he is a great guy and I really think he had some input in this set over the original set. Many of the shots on these cards feel like the stuff he talked about in his show.

      Definitely start with the original set first and then move on to these. But you will make your practice time more interesting if you dedicate some sessions to working through the shots on these cards, and you will learn things you cannot learn by just playing against your self or just shooting random shots.

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        January 3, 2012
    • I have studied a dozen or more books and this is the best all around book on position basics, position play, 8 and 9 ball strategy. If you only have one pool book in your library, this should be it. If you have read several but still feel something is missing, add this book to your collection. You will not be disappointed.

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        November 2, 2010
    • Nothing dings a cue shaft more than being knocked over. Pool hall patrons are mostly not that careful. And most pool halls have holders that are wood with worn felt and crowded with other cues.

      I like to bring my own, and give my cue a better chance to remain standing when I am not using it.

      I have a three cue version of this in my pool room at home and carry this 2 cue version in my case. I never have to fight for a spot to lean my playing cue or break cue, and can keep my cue close so it doesn't grow legs and walk off.

      Q Claw stays put better than some other products I have seen people using. It is also thicker and heavier, which makes it work, but does take up a little more room in your case and add a little more weight. But it fits great in the big pocket of my Instroke 2x2 case and I use it every time I play away from home.

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        November 2, 2010
    • The Moosehead design is great, lots of options. I have had several of this style of bridge. I tend to lose them. So when I saw this price, I grabbed up two so I would have a spare.

      The first one fit extremely tight on my 12.75mm tip. Much tighter than other brands I have used. So tight, it ripped off my tip! Now, I didn't just slide it off straight as I should have, but this was not my first time using one of these either.

      I ended up using some sandpaper on a dowel to open it up a bit. I went too far, and now the cue rotates too easily.

      The second one was fine. I have paid as much as $5 for one of these, so maybe the size being inconsistent comes with the low price. I will buy more of these when I lose the one I have now. I will just check the fit, and be more careful if I need to open it up a bit.

      I have one of these on my home table bridge and one in my case. I don't like digging the one out of my case and forgetting it at home, and I want to practice with the same one I carry with me to be consistent.

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        November 2, 2010
    • This is everything it is advertised to be. I really thought about a leather case from an off brand company for about the same money as this Instroke case in vinyl. But after talking to several people, I am glad I went with a quality manufacturer and man-made materials over low grade leather from a lessor manufacturer.

      This case is a high grade, tough and good looking textured vinyl. The clasps and zippers are excellent. I have a Limb-Saver anti-vibration bumper which makes my cue 1" longer than most. The butt fits fine as Instroke does not cut costs by making a shorter case as some do.

      Don't get me wrong, I would prefer a leather Instroke, but I did not want to spend that many $$$ on a case. Getting a quality manufacturer and accepting the materials my budget allowed was the right choice.

      Someday I will upgrade to a leather case, probably when I need a 3x5. But this is a tremendous product for the $$$.

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Location: Longmont, CO

Playing Cue: 19 oz. Balabushka LGB-21 w/11.5mm Talisman H tip
Break Cue: 25oz Sneaky Pete w/Talisman XX Break tip
Jump Cue: J&J 4400
Cue Case: InStroke 2x4
Cue Accessory: Limbsaver X-1 Pool Cue Stick Stabilizer (both cues)