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        November 7, 2010
    • Having lugged two cases around for months (one for my main stick, the 2nd for my break stick), I decided it was time to purchase a new & bigger capacity pool case. Price was an issue but I also wanted an attractive case, one that would protect my sticks and give me some increased accessory storage. The Elite ECGT22 fit all 3 of my requirements. One big plus that isn't apparent on the website pictures is the two handles on this case. One handle on the top allows you to carry the case vertically while another handle located mid-section allows it to be carried horizontally. That handle is positioned such that the case is nicely balanced while carrying it. A large pocket easily handles large accessories while two layered pockets towards the top accommodate tip picks, chalk etc. IMHO a great case at a reasonable price.

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        November 2, 2010
    • Being an avid "pool leaguer", I get to play pool at many different bars in town. There is nothing worse than leaning your pool stick against a table or wall while you wait for your turn and suddenly hearing the crash sound of your pool stick hitting the floor when it slid off that table or wall. I purchased the Deadstroke Skeleton Hand Pool Cue Holder to eliminate that problem. The holder sits on the edge of a table and the upper shaft of your cue stick (or sticks) rests in the space between the bony fingers. The cue holder is weighted and supposed to stay in place. However, if your stick gets to leaning a little, the holder has a tendency to slide across the table and dump your
      cue(s) on the floor. I scuffed the bottom surface of mine and the problem is corrected somewhat. Overall, a neat item. Gets quite a few comments. But if you are placing your faith in this to protect your cue you might want to look elsewhere.

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