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        August 28, 2011
    • I purchased this cue to temporarily replace a Joss that was stolen from me. The only other cue that I had to play with was this 20 oz, battle axe of a Viper Pro that I've had for forever and a day, but can't play with to save my life. I had to purchase something and had to purchase it quickly, or my league standing was going to go to hell in a hand basket and I wasn't having that. So I purchased this particular cue simply on the novelty factor of appearance. I have been very pleasantly surprised. I really like this stick. It is nicely balanced, it is put together well-not cheaply made. And having only had it for a couple of weeks, I play well with it. My only complaint is that the grey stain is a little too dark and you can't see the laser etching in it very well. But that is my only minus in a long list of pluses. I think I may just have to buy another one of these. :)

      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        August 14, 2011
    • There is no bigger pain in the ass for a short person, like me, than having to search different tables for a bridge. With this bridge head, you pop it onto the tip of one of your cues and there you go. No more searching for a bridge. Can't beat that now can ya?

      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        August 14, 2011
    • I used to chuckle quietly at people who used gloves until I tried it myself. Sure beats the hell out of having to constantly powder my hand. If you are like me, and even in cold weather, sweat while you play pool, this is the product for you. No more reaching for a towel and no more powder, or the mess that comes with powder. This glove is comfortable and the price isn't bad either.

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