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      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        November 20, 2012
    • Great case i bought this for my girlfriend and she loves it. The storage pocket has zipper pockets in it so all of your stuff can be organized with no worries of it falling out when the pocket is opened. The spring loaded tubes make getting your sticks out and putting them together a breeze. The shoulder strap is one of the most comfortable i have carried. The design is always an eye catcher my girlfriend is always getting compliments on her pool bag. All around a great case and very solid construction.
      Also very easy to locate as it will not get lost in all the black cases that look the same. Very cool case highly recommend!

      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        November 20, 2012
    • I've had this stick for about a year now, and it has really performed well as a jump/break cue. I added the samsara leather break tip which was well worth it. It has shown no wear, and my whole pool team uses it(so it has had a lot of breaking miles put on it in a year.) That being said everyone on my team who uses it now has a much more consistant break. As a jump cue it gets the job done for the occasional jumper. The shaft, ferrule and tip are very sturdy(it is very good for players with alot of power behind there break.) I tried a few other break cues that weren't as pricey as this one and i cracked the ferrule in under 6 months on all of them(I'm 6'2" and have a pretty powerful break.) I would recommend this cue for intermidiate to advanced players who are looking for a cue that can do the work for them on the break. Also it looks really cool in the sunlight(it looks black to the naked eye but when u get it in the sunlight there is actually a clear coat covering its deep blue core.) You will not be disappointed with this purchase!

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