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        November 23, 2010
    • What a Beautiful cue this is, when I was looking for some thing special, a cue to take my game to the next level, this Lucasi Hybrid leapt off the screen right at me.

      It looked great on screen but when I received it, whoa! I knew I’d made the right decision. Just holding it I knew I was holding not just a thing of beauty but something of substance something special.

      I marveled at its quality and construction and its unique birds eye maple pattern.

      It has beautiful blue marble inlays that appear to shimmer and its high gloss chrome and wood finish on the butt make it a real delight to the eye.

      The uni-loc joint is an amazing device, it just slots together, give a couple of twists and “Bingo” you’ve got a rock solid connection, really nifty I thought.

      The g-shock grip is also a great innovation, giving you total and complete control, I use a loose thumb and fore finger grip and this grip has never once faltered.

      The entire cue inspires and promotes confidence. It comes at a middle of the road price, but make no mistake, its got a quality, feel, construction and a performance of a cue with a sky high price.

      Its not often in this day and age you can find true value for money but with the Lucasi Hybrid 097 you have succeeded.

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