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      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        August 25, 2011
    • This is a very nice cue, weight is well balanced and well finished. Tip is good as well. You get what you pay for with it. I rank 5 on APA league and I am looking forward to start using it on my next sesion.

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      • Currently 1/5 Stars.
        August 14, 2011
    • I received this cue and had to returned it as it was damaged. There were lines on the laquered film and the painted decorations were not well finished. The image on the website shows a white cue which is not the true color of it. This unacceptable when you are buying a $600.00 cue. I returned it and bought a Schon cue.

Location: Champaign IL

Playing Cue: CX74
Break Cue: ACT103
Jump Cue: ACT103
Cue Case: APA22
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