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        December 23, 2012
    • I have become a 'chalk before every shot' kinda guy. I have my magnetic chalk holder on my pocket, and I love the 'click' I hear every time I put it back. That being said, I may be a changed man.
      I recently changed tips on my playing cue, and at the same time, bought a box of Blue Diamond Chalk. After reading reviews of the various 'premium' chalks out there, I knew I wasn't going to pay $30 a cube for that really high-dollar stuff, but I thought I'd give this one a try. Given the price for a box of 2 was higher than what I usually pay for a box of 12 for Master chalk, I admit I was a bit skeptical. However, with BD chalk, I apply before each rack, and I'm good. I have yet to miscue under these conditions. I did try and see how long I could go when I first got the chalk, and I was able to run through almost three full racks of balls, using a lot of English, before I miscued. The only time I ever need to chalk in the middle of a game now is if I need a little more time to think about a shot or clear my head.
      Is this chalk more expensive than what I have used in the past? Yes. Is it mile-high, Lamborghini priced? No. And given that I am only chalking my cue a fraction of the times per session than I previously did, I can see the cost evening out greatly.

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        December 23, 2012
    • Then I don't want to be right! I recently purchased this tip for my primary playing cue (an original McDermott D-19 with a custom made shaft) along with a box of Blue Diamond chalk. Now, since I have changed two variables in this scenario, I can't 100% say it is due to either the tip OR the chalk, and I suspect my success is due to a combination of the two. But let me just say this.... I LOVE THIS TIP!!!
      Until recently, I have used water buffalo tips and Master chalk, and I have gotten into the habit of chalking before each shot, carrying the chalk on a magnetic holder on my pants pocket. After reading all the reviews on both this tip and the BD chalk, I decided to try an experiment. I now chalk before each rack, sometimes once in the middle (usually just to give myself extra time to think about a shot, not because my tip needs the chalk), and I never worry about miscues!
      This tip is holding it's shape like a hard tip, and shoots super soft! Love the action I get, and between you and me, I love the look of the black tip against the white ferrule!
      Is it expensive? Yes. Definitely the most expensive tip I have ever bought. That being said, if the tip continues to hold it's shape and play as well as it is now, I can see this tip lasting easily twice as long as most single-layer WB tips I have used in the past.
      Thanks, POOLDAWG!!!

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        November 14, 2012
    • This is a great cue holder, especially for those if us that use multiple cues or play with other people, like on league night. I have plenty of room for my shooting cue, my jump/break cue, plus two open slots for my teammates. I even let my opponents use it, as long as I'm not losing too badly!

      I have owned another clamp-on style cue holder before, and this one has some pros and cons when compared to the older one. In the con category, it doesn't hold the cues as securely as my first holder. It had plastic C-shaped clips that held onto the cues to prevent them from accidentally falling out. However, the flip side of that coin was that the clips had little jagged burrs on the edges that tended to scratch the shaft if you were too aggressive pulling the cue out. All this being said, I haven't had any issues with my cues falling out yet.

      On the pro side is the size of the jaws. My previous holder would only clam onto a very narrow, square-front table edge, due to the clamp mech. With the Cue-It-Up, I have yet to find a be par or table that it won't hang onto. The jaws open really wide, and the rubber strips inside the jaws help it to hold onto the edge very securely. Also, I love that it has the 8-ball on one side and the 9-ball on the other side. That way, if I'm at league playing 8-ball, I put that side up. If I'm out playing 9-ball, I show that side. (Yes, I am just that OCD)

      And finally, one pro that is also a bit of a con: overall size. I love that it is large enough to hold four cues. But in order to do so, and in part due to the jaw design, the cue holder is much larger than my previous one. I have yet to decide how best to transport it. So far, I have it clipped to the shoulder strap of my cue case, as have most people I have seen with them. I'm not a huge fan of this, though, because it makes it difficult to carry the case over a shoulder. Still working on this, though, so I'll call it a wash.

      Overall, I would definitely recommend the Cue-It-Up for someone looking for a nice way to keep their cues from crashing to the floor.

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        October 9, 2012
    • I recently replaced a much more expensive Giuseppe 3x6 case with this one. I had gotten into the habit of dropping my cues into the case and eventually the bottom plate of the case had come apart, due to the cues hitting the bottom. I know this won't be a problem with this case, with the spring-loaded butt sections.
      this case also has a nicely padded shoulder strap, which my older case did not. It had a strap, but was very thin and not padded at all. Given that I am carrying three cues and lots of accessories, it gets kinda heavy and this strap is much easier on the shoulder.
      Build quality feels great, love the self-closing snap, and nice large pockets. My one beef with this case is that there are only two "feet" on the bottom of the case, which means it doesn't really like to stand up on it's own. Not the end of the world, as I usually hang the strap on the back of a chair, but it would be nice if the bottom had four feet so it would be a little more sturdy on the floor. Otherwise, love it!

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        October 9, 2012
    • Ok, I know you are thinking that this is pretty pricey for a bridge head. But here's the thing. It's not just a bridge head, it's the Justa Bridge head, as in ad-justa-ble! There is no shot this bridge can't help you shoot. High over obstructing balls, low for excellent draw, anywhere in between. The felt pads that hold the cue assure that you won't scratch or dent your shaft. Plus, with the rubber collar that tightens onto the cue and large, wide footprint, it makes for a very stable base.
      I have had one for several years, and I would never trade it for a moosehead or the flimsy things that most bars and poolhalls use. LOVE IT!!! Worth every penny!