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        March 23, 2011
    • I had stopped purchasing this brand of glove as I hadn't been impressed with the quality of the stitching in the past. I have to admit I only purchased this as a back-up glove in case I didn't like the other glove I also purchased on the same order. As the other glove had a few areas I didn't like, I have used this glove 2 x per week. Again, the stitching has not held between the thumb and the first finger. Still looking for the ideal glove.

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      • Currently 3/5 Stars.
        November 21, 2010
    • I am reviewing the glove as new, so I cannot comment on durability although from initial observations it looks well made. I am a regular glove wearer and having destroyed a number of gloves, including wearing through the finger tips of a previous glove, I thought that the fingerless style was the way to go. I was right and I really like being able to feel the table and get a stable bridge, however, I only gave this 3 stars due to the fact that I would prefer to have a full thumb as I do keep my thumb tight up on my hand when bridging and I continually needed to pull the thumb part up to allow the cue to glide over the material. Also, the velcro is useful for a tight fit on the wrist, but the velcros is just two squares which is sewn right up to the edge of the glove which rubbed against my wrist.

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