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        November 15, 2010
    • This is the BEST thing since can openers! As I have an 8 ft. table with limited space on the sides, I've tried many different short cues...mostly Kids cues or even "cut offs" and it always seemed uncomfortable and clumsy. It made "suttle" shots impossible.
      I logged onto PoolDawg and found this 42" Trouble Shooter and ordered it. I Just Love this cue, Sometimes after using it on the tight side, I forget I'm using it and go on to make other shots with it, before noticing I still am using it! The weighted cue is straight and balanced perfectly! I recently bought a second one, so We don't have to walk around the table to retrieve the other one. heh heh heh...not so much LAZY, but to keep the plat going. I highly recommend this cue to anyone that has a space problem.

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