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        November 15, 2010
    • First off let me just say how difficult it is to find a ONE PIECE pool cue! I have searched forever to find one and especiallly in black. Story goes, my fiance broke the one piece cue at our friends house. One of those fun crazy nights! At least the cue didnt break in half! but the tip did. So we could pay for the cue to be fixed or buy a new one, at the sake of the cue not to be warped we said we will get you a new one. WOW I was in for it! After searching far and wide and making many stops at the stores I found Pooldawg. Amazing, typed in my search words, and many one piece cues popped up. Found this one piece cue and knew i must have it! For the price oh yeah not bad at all! Shipped to my house within 3 days ( I was shocked too). And surprised the friend ( who is very picky)with the cue Friday night. He loves it! Cant stop playing and with the graphite top end ( sorry not pool literate) he is obsessed! If you want a great cue you can't go wrong! I'll probablly buy another one, because he wont let anyone play with his new one!

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