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        March 9, 2011
    • I just purchased this tip in super soft and had it installed on my katana LD shaft because i wasn't too happy with the tiger everest that came on it. the first time i played with this tip on my cue i could instantly tell the difference, this tip actually enhanced my LD shaft properties, therefor i couldn't stop playing i got addicted to setting up extreme english shots and the cue had very little deflection! the softness took a little getting used to, but you get over that when you see what you are able to do. Masse shots are easier, draw shots even easier and lastly any extreme english used you can actually see the tip gripping the ball and sending it to your desired spot on the object ball. i may have found the tip i'll use forever!!!!

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        February 6, 2011
    • back again, n this is my final review. to put it simply... i love it!! i have played with this shaft for months now, it has all the work-ablility one could hope for from a shaft. i have allowed people to compare it to their more expensive LD shafts n they agree that if they could go back they would buy this shaft over their LD shafts because of how much cheaper it is. I have also gotten many comments on how i am able to move the cueball around the table to get leaves and breakouts when needed n i always tell them it's because of the shaft! thank you katana!!!!

      i swear it will not disappoint!!!

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        December 6, 2010
    • so its been a week n i have played with this shaft alot. i love it n recommend it to others. i let some fellow pool players try it out n they liked it too infact i know of at least two friends who are going to purchase one for their cues. like i said before, the tip that comes with the cues is a good tip and im still getting used to it but i might change the type of tip once this one needs to be repleced, but that is only my personal preference. the shaft gets an A in my book, especially for the cost!

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        November 28, 2010
    • i just purchased this katana($143.20)ld shaft after months of research on the different kinds i could get for my mcdermott cue and i will submit a more in depth review when i can hit more shots with it. i have only hit a couple draw shots and some inside english rail shots but from what i could tell the hits were solid and it felt nice. the draw had some good zip and the taper of the cue is not as narrow as some people think. i will post another comment in about a week, for those who want to know about a cheaper alternative to the more popular predator($213+) ld shaft.

Location: ma

Playing Cue: mcdermott butt/katana shaft
Break Cue: aska billiards L2 sport break cue
Jump Cue: none
Cue Case: J&J 2x3 hard case
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