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        January 6, 2011
    • My boyfriend had a Meucci "second" pool stick that was his favorite pool stick and just after Thanksgiving I watched as he dropped it and it broke at the joint. He was totally bummed out. I knew right then and there what he was getting for Christmas! I shopped around for Meucci pool sticks until I found They had the best price and NO SHIPPING!!! Yay! I ordered one exactly like the one he broke, and when it came in the mail...(pool dawg you need to get blank shipping boxes at Christmas time...just sayin'...) My boyfriend couldn't wait to see what was in it! I let him open it up early and he was Ecstatic! We had to find a pool tournament THAT night to play in. He won his first match and then the tournament which was good luck on the stick of course. He has not missed a match with it and is winning consistently. He proudly shows it off to everyone, so I know he loves it! Thanks Pool Dawg for making My guy's Christmas Wish come true!

Location: Hillsboro, Texas

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