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        December 3, 2010
    • Tip Pik Tip Tool - $11.95

    • I am a personal believer in having the best tip possible on your cue - it's where the rubber meets the road, after all! Since I spend quite a bit more on my tips than many of my teammates and competitors, I like those tips to last as long as possible. That's where the Tip Pik comes in. It is a perfect, inexpensive tool for making sure your tip holds chalk - WITHOUT eating away at the tip itself. I have teammates who "scuff" and "grind" their tips every time they get a bit shiny and they go through five tips in the time I go through one - and I use very soft tips! If I could only have one pool tool in my cue case and home for the rest of my life - the Tip Pik would be it.

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