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        May 2, 2012
    • This cue has been one of the greatest investments I've made. Well built, sturdy, and absolutely sick to look at. I wasn't sure about the leather grip at first, but I have adapted to it, and I love it. Many friends (who don't have their own cues yet) have used mine in between rounds, and all have commented on what a good feel it has. I recommend this for any entry level player wanting to acquire their first cue. Good price, good construction.

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        May 2, 2012
    • I did not realize when purchasing this glove that the "skeleton hand" was silk screened on to the glove. It causes friction with the stick, and negates the purpose of having a shooting glove in the first place. The glove works just fine as soon as the silk screening peels off (which doesn't take long, it isn't constructed well). But, you can get other gloves that do not have this silk screen problem. I later purchased a no-frills scorpion shooting glove that I am quite happy with.

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        May 2, 2012
    • I purchased this case with my VooDoo cue about a year and a half ago. The black vinyl coating on the case was cracked in a few spots from day 1, and only continued to get worse over time. I loved the case for the look (which I got a lot of positive comments on), and the extra space for hardware, but last night, it fell off the top of a bookshelf, which was apparently enough to break the top of the case completely out (it appears it was constructed from some flimsy particle board). I have already determined that I am going to get something sturdier, and found a nice hard case that got good reviews for less than half the price of this case. Don't waste your money on this case, the looks are fun, but the construction is sub-par.

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