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        January 6, 2011
    • For Christmas my boyfriend wanted this pool case. He loves pooldawg, He is constantly looking at it and finding new items that he wants, and suggesting the sight to anyone who asks for a new stick. I told him I would get this case for him, he was always on my case about what was going on with it, if I had ordered it yet, when will it get here, and when he did find out it was here, he kept asking for it. Once he did finally get the case he was estatic, he loved the fact that he could either use the shoulder strap, or the handle, and remove the one he did not want to use. He also likes the scorpion design on the case, and all the pockets to hold all of his chalk, quarters, but most of all other tools for his cues. The best of all is he no longer has to carry two cue cases.

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