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        January 10, 2011
    • This shaft has a longer than normal taper. I don't know what is beyond a "Pro taper", but this would be it. I switched from a 314 to the Katana, because of thread differences when I switched cues. I didn't like the tip that came on it, not because of any quality issues, just because I was more used to a Kamui Black Medium's harder hit (best tip ever!), but the Katana tip seemed similar to a Talisman, or Molavia. I tried using my 314 after a couple months, and couldn't get over how much thicker it is (only 0.25mm larger), and really lost the feel for the predator. I really love this shaft and would recommend it to everyone and I even think it plays better than my 314. The biggest difference I've noticed with this shaft vs. other shafts is the ferrule. The ferrule is so short that if you use a chalk that has any kind of wear on it, the edge of the chalk will rub on the wood below the ferrule if you're not careful. I have to pay special attention to this area when I clean my shaft, to be sure that a blue ring is not forming. Not a big deal, and it's not really even an issue.

      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        January 10, 2011
    • My buddies and I always play this when we are in my basement, and have 3-6 players. This way we can all play and wait times are low. We use a dry erase board to tally points. My brother shoots on my pool team and every now and then he will comment that on how a shot may be similar to a certain card.
      Really a great buy!

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