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        June 12, 2013
    • I played in a 10-ball league for 3 years that used this rack exclusively. Works amazing well. You can get the front ball EXACTLY on the spot, you can get the rack virtually exactly parallel to the foot of the table and the balls rack tight, tight, tight...UNLESS you have a set of cheap or mis-matched balls (which lots of pool halls do). When all the balls are not the same size an under-sized ball will not rack tight. This is the fault of the ball (not the rack) being too small so it just does not fit right. You only discover this using the Magic Rack because it is so precise and not subject to table irregularities.

      Why should you care about a tight rack? The balls break easier, have better action and spread more consistently with less effort giving you a better chance at a run-out.

      FYI: The set includes 2 racks. the triangle is for full racks like 8-ball, 14.1, etc. The other works for both 9-ball and 10-ball. Too bad you cannot buy just one or the other.

Location: Denver, CO

Playing Cue: Jacoby w/Edge Hybrid Shaft
Break Cue: Action
Jump Cue: Yes - brand unknown
Cue Case: Talisman 3x5
Cue Accessory: Blue Diamond Chalk