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        February 17, 2011
    • I love this cue. Most folks I play with prefer a really heavy break cue but I just don't get the speed and precision I want from a cue any heavier than 19 oz. Having just dropped down to a 19 oz McDermott G core (from a 21 oz Players) I wanted some thing even lighter and this cue fit the bill to a "T"! I get good clean breaks everytime and at least 75% of the time drop one or more balls. For the price it cannot be beat. Highly recommeded for a starter player.

Location: Irving, Texas

Playing Cue: McDermott G207 Pool Cue Stick
Break Cue: Elite 15oz Ultra Light Break Cue
Jump Cue:
Cue Case: Lucasi Sport Series 3 Butt 5 Silk Sleeve Shaft Hard Pool Cue Case - Black and White
Cue Accessory:

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