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        February 20, 2011
    • I am in my mid 50's and started playing pool a little over 2 years ago. (That doesn't give me a whole lot of time to reach the level I'd like to play at :-). I was a competitive golfer my entire life so I understand the process required to become proficient at a sport. Knowledge, time, patience, and a whole lot of practice. Talent helps too of course. I put a lot of effort into learning as much as I could about pool through books, DVD's, research on the web and various classes. I bought a nice table. I started playing in tournaments with much better players, and I practice. My game is coming along nicely, but I want to get better, faster.

      This is a great product. It makes you stroke straight. An instructor or a video camera both immediately tell you your stroke isn't straight, but taking that little piece of information and then applying it consistenly is difficult at best. This device gives you the feel of a straight stroke. So if you practice correctly, you begin to develop the muscle memory of a straight stroke.

      I set up the CueTrack and practice my stroke pretty much the way they tell you to in the instruction manual. Then I do a short drill as normal on the table. I repeat this a few times each practice session. My thought is I want to repeat the straight stroke I've just learned, then go back to the CueTrack before my 'new' stroke wanders away. I do this for about an hour each practice session. My results have been really, really good. My overall play has improved considerably in the short time I've had this device.

      The quality of the product is excellent. It is very well made, sturdy and sits perfectly on your pool table. It does not move while you stroke. It was simple to assemble and it is simple to use. I do not hit balls while I am using the CueStroke. The manual tells you how to set it up to do so, but I've found it's pretty difficult to set up a shot perfectly using the device. If you are off a little in your setup, you may try to compensate during your stroke which of course defeats the purpose. However, that doesn't matter, the value of the device is giving you the exact feel of a straight stroke and it does that superbly. I also haven't tried mounting it on a tripod (another feature of the device) for elevated shots. I'll get around to that eventually.

      I rate the CueStroke at 5 stars. I think CueTrack is simply one of the best training aids you will find. It's a little pricey, but you get what you pay for.. it is very well made, there is nothing flimsy about it and best of all - it works!

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