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        May 25, 2011
    • Well owning one for almost 11 years now and using it so often I can say it is true , Ultimate tip tool had a second one and gave it to my brother who plays as much as me and he cannot do with out it. One of the best tip tools ever made.

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        May 6, 2011
    • Well I got my second shaft just in time as my first one got a bad ding on the taper so I had to put it in the lathe and cut it 12.35mm also I changed the tip to a Tiger Everest which I must say plays much better than the original one as I get more English with it an still almost no deflection .
      I also found that the difference with the taper the shaft was a little more flexible but both the original new and the re-tapered one played very well. I can screw on either one and do not have to do any readjustment for it.
      I will recommended the Katana to any one .

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        April 8, 2011
    • I am impressed, I have been playing tournaments for 10 years now and have gone from Viking to Meucci to predator and as powerful as my black dots are and as controlling as my 314_2 is this blew me away. I use to switch shafts to deal with table speed but this does it all English speed and control, so I bought a second one .

Location: Fort Lauderdale,Florida /Kingston,Jamaica

Playing Cue: Meucci Gambler2 /Katana shaft Everest tip
Break Cue: J&J break/jump with Samsara tip
Jump Cue: J&J jump with Samsara tip
Cue Case: Lucasi 4 x 8
Cue Accessory: Ultimate Tip Tool , Cuetec Bowtie tool