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        April 11, 2011
    • The Q-Wiz Shaft Cleaner and Polisher is great. It polishes and cleans in a couple strokes and keeps my Voodoo looking great and sliding over my bridge. Great product.

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        April 5, 2011
    • This tip is a monster. I had no difficulty getting it glued on to it's new home, but not having access to a shop definitely made sculpting the tip to the right diameter and shape tough, but I wouldn't expect less from a jump/break tip. In play the advantage is clear. The Samsara hits solid, delivers all the force of the break and focuses it beautifully. Worth every penny, if I could get it back from my Dad.

      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        April 1, 2011
    • When I got the tool, I have to admit I got it for the image; but it has turned out to be a rather worthwile investment. All the necessary tools to keep my tip in form and function in one easy tool. They should make one with an attached chalk holder and this would be perfect. Great tool. The functional aspects have turned out to work great, even on the beast of a Samsara break tip; but the form rules the day for this one. Awesome.

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        March 21, 2011
    • Great case. The Elite Nexus Reserve is a player's case. The 2x4 is a little misleading though, as there is a pocket for a jump cue butt. Maybe 2 1/2x4? Seriously though, the construction is excellent, the materials quality and this case delivers like my father's old box case. It protects everything from all but severe cataclysm. The adjustable strap is nice and the pockets have enough room for me to carry everything I need for a night out or an extended trip. I wasn't sure how I would like the seperated storage of butts and shafts, but it works out great. The spring-loading makes sure no matter how gently I load my sticks back up, they impact softly and are ready for the next game. I would recommend this case to anyone.

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        March 21, 2011
    • Excellent product. I had been looking for a cue that was unique and different, but less expensive than custom. The Voodoo VOD07 was my first choice, and as far as cues go, probably my last. Excellent weight and balance,and the laser etching was highly detailed and impressive; but the best part was the playability of the cue. I received my cue on Friday and was at the hall later that night, it played well, has low deflection, a solid feel and striking visuals. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good cue from beginner to pro.

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Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Playing Cue: Voodoo VOD07 Laser Etched Pool Cue
Break Cue: Voodoo Gravestone Break Cue
Jump Cue:
Cue Case: Elite Nexus Reserve 2 Butt/4 Shaft Hard Pool Cue Case
Cue Accessory: Voodoo Multi Tip Tool