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        April 7, 2014
    • So far this is the most helpful book I have read. It is a series of one page articles that really get to the point well. I recomend this for everyone whether you are new or been playing a long time.

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        April 7, 2014
    • Although the balls are helpful to understand what your stroke is doing during the shot, it is just as easy to use a striped ball as an object ball with a spotted white ball to have the same effect.

      • Currently 4/5 Stars.
        May 31, 2011
    • at first it was hard to get used to the phenolic tip, but now I am glad I got it, everyone's breaks have improved with this stick. I ordered a 21oz but the stick I received was really 19.75oz. I decided to keep it anyway and am happy with the performance and weight.

      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        May 31, 2011
    • This thing works great, I bought it because it was so cheap and I figured for the price I would try it out. All it took was a couple shots with this thing and it is amazing. This is the best bridge I have every used. I am buying several more for every table I play on!

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