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        March 26, 2012
    • I ordered the Elite Heavy Breaker (27oz.), the Stealth STHBK01 Breaker (25oz.), and the Cuetec CT296 Breaker/Jump cue (21oz.). All 3 cues have different weights, different tips, and different ferrules. I compared these cues over a number of days; here are my results:

      Elite Heavy - Sank up to 5 balls on break; but it left the object balls bunched up and harder to run out.

      Stealth Breaker - Sank up to 3 balls on break; left the object balls really scattered.

      Cuetec CT296 Breaker/Jump - More consistant with less power; also sank up to 3 balls on break and left the object balls really scattered. This is the cue I kept.

      You cant beat - the most knowledge, the best return policy,and the fastest, most courteous customer service.

Location: Wayne, MI.

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