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        October 21, 2011
    • I don't need another piece of furniture in my pool room. Simple, direct and practical. Holds 12 sticks, occupies no floor space, comes with screws and mollies I found lacking, but cleaned up a pile of rarely used sticks I had taking up seating space and for the price, is as good as it gets.

      I opted for better wall anchors/mollies and as fate would have it, my plumb-bob and framing level made this a 10-minute install, including vacuuming up some sheet rock dust. Just remember, if you have a few "shorty" sticks, not to mount the top piece too high or the shorties won't make it - nor too low/short, or the "retaining clips" may be too snug to fit a shaft adequately.

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        October 21, 2011
    • The pros on TV use it, why not us !

      The concept is misunderstood however. Since we know the object ball is where your eyes should be focussed at impact, the "spin" would be unseen by the shooter. However, as an observer, cue-ball "spin" is obvious - if you're looking at the CB - not the OB!

      Measles balls may not make you a better shooter, but it will surely help you learn a lot - from an observer!

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        October 21, 2011
    • These sticks are the best "house" cues money can buy. If you don't want each stick to be different in weight, tell 'em what you want a different mix, e.g. 1-18, 2-19's, and one 20 - no 21 oz. No problemo!

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        May 22, 2011
    • These tips are fine and incredibly inexpensive. Be careful however when measuring!

      Unlike cue tips - that are measured using the O.D., this ferrule/tip combo apparently is measured using the I.D.!

      I ordered a 13.5 mm only to find it stamped inside the ferrule as actually being a 13.5 mm, but the O.D is one millimeter LARGER!

      So, you either have to remove the ferrule from the stick and measure the actual O.D. of the stick, or simply order one millimeter smaller than the existing ferrule's O.D. - for a proper fit.