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        July 26, 2011
    • This is an incredible cue! I absolutely love the grip. It really helps to understand where to grip it with certain shots. If it ever gets dirty to, easy as can be to clean! The firmness and English I get with it is also great. I used to use a titanium cue that just eventually went to trash. Saw this and decided to order it. 1: Because it is wood. Makes for a much truer shot. And 2: The design of the handle and colors make it pretty unique. I have YET to be disappointed with it. I play in my area APA league and have a lot of matches and games with it under my belt. I've shot with cues that range from $50 - $300 and by far this one ranks right up there with the higher end ones. But you cant beat the price with the quality this cue will bring to the table. This is a great beginner cue to start out with if you have the extra $$ to spare.

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