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        February 6, 2014
    • A GREAT idea based on a similar idea for golf training. BUT I found the spring in mine to be too weak, meaning that the training cue is not as sensitive as I would like. In other words, it doesn't 'break' very easily. I don't mean breaking the balls! - I mean actually breaking in half as it is designed to do. Actually, it is excellent for practicing your break shot where a lot of power is used, but for 'normal' med, or half med shots, it takes a fair bit of inaccurate cueing to get it to do its job. I don't know if its spring will weaken with use, (only time will tell) but I wanted it to respond with the slightest of shots. Not happening I'm afraid. I would imagine if you were a beginner this would be useful but seeing as it's mainly advanced players who are wishing to 'fine tune' their stroke, I would suggest the manufacturers need to put a much finer tolerance on the spring joint of this otherwise fine bit of equipment. I own the POOL version of this cue. I don't know if the SNOOKER version is more sensitive. I would hope so as snooker demands even greater accuracy.

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        February 6, 2014
    • This IS an excellent tool for 'instant' cue maintenance. Shaping, scuffing, all accomplished with ease. My only criticism would be the tip tapper on the opposite side of the shaper. It's a little coarse/blunt to be totally effective. Jeniffer says in her video not to use it too hard, but unless you do, you really don't get any benefit from it. Slightly sharper 'points' on the tapper would have been better. Conversely, I would say that the scuffer is a little 'aggressive' and might take a poorly stuck on tip right off if used with too much pressure, but if you're careful it works fine. (ALWAYS file downwards on your tip - never up) Overall I WOULD recommend "It's George" (apart from the stupid name) as it really is a very useful addition to your case, and VERY easy to store as well.

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        February 28, 2013
    • What happens if the diameter of the extension is different from that of your cue? It could get a bit uncomfortable if there is a ridge between them!

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