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        February 12, 2014
    • The extension was flushed with my cue butt and shaft. Helps with all my shots. Not bad for 31 dollars, just wished they made more for different shafts sizes.

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        August 29, 2011
    • Actually I give this shaft 4 1/2 stars. I bought this shaft to replace my old shaft that was on my Aska cue stick. My shaft diameter on the cue butt was 5/16 x 14. When I received this shaft, the threads on my cue butt did not fit. Fortunately, I had a threadmaker with the 5/16 radius. I then expanded the threads so that the shaft could fit into my cue stick. The half star reduction was for the fact I had to improvise on the installation.

      Now the playability. I'm not much of an "english" player but I noticed shaft deflection went down compared to my old shaft and the spin imparted by the Moori tip was ridiculous. My playing friends were envious when I played with confidence on my basic cut shots and "english" shots.

      Even with the installation setback, this shaft was a good buy. The tip was already shaped and just needed chalk. The ferrule was shiny, looked like ivory and the overall construction of the shaft looked high quality. I recommend that you guys check it out if u want a low priced high quality shaft. Thanks

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