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        September 29, 2011
    • Great quality cue. Didn't realize the butt was part plastic, but nonetheless still great. I gave the cue itself 5 stars, but I had ordered this with an extra Moori hard tip installed and I would give that 2 stars. The tip shape was lopsided as one side was not even with the other side of the tip. I didn't see it as a problem as it would eventually shape evenly by itself through use and or shaping it myself. The tip width was slightly larger than the ferrule, so it would not be completely flush with the ferrule, but it was pretty close and didn't really bother me too much. I also use it to break and today the tip had flown off of the ferrule. That I feel was unacceptable. Overall, this was not Cuetec's fault and is the installer's fault for the tip.

      The cue was only used twice for a few hours of play each. I did not abuse the cue and only used it for normal playing and breaking. I had "re-glued" the tip and it seems to be holding fine.


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