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        November 15, 2011
    • Sleek and attractive, sturdy and durable, these are terms that I can use to describe this cue case and I'm sure that's what Predator would love to hear. Truth is I like it. The Predator company line is true but it's so much more. Keep in mind that this is "Semi-Soft" and does not provide the protection of any hard case but it is perfectly suitable and more than adequate for use as a regular, everyday case so long as you don't get angry and fling your cues across the room. I'd never pack my cues in this and check them in for flight but I,d carry it my car (or bus or train) to any league night or tournament and while I may not fly with my cues in this, I'd want it there when I landed. The "cargo" pockets will pretty much hold whatever you may need and there is plenty of room inside for what I carry around: five shafts (with joint protectors), three butts, additionally my 30" shafts fit comfortably inside the main compartment. Not that I use it, but I notice it is also set up to carry a jump cue. The included lock is incidental, this is over all a well built, protective, and attractive case that I'm proud to own. I also have one of the Silver Fox cases of a similar design, I'd prefer the Predator any day of the week.

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