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        March 15, 2012
    • I bought this case for my wife, replacing her old case which wouldn't even stand upright. From a female standpoint, she loved the way the leather smelled, and how soft it was.

      Me - I love Instroke Cases because they are rock solid. Most important are the tubes which keep moisture out and above all, elevate the shafts off of the bottom of the case so as to minomize warping.

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        November 15, 2011
    • I really liked the feel of this extension. But..............

      I have a Predator cue (note: has skinny butt) and in a tournament the Longoni extension cue locked up on my cue and I could not get it off. 5 gorillas tried to twist it off to no avail.

      I had to finish off with a house cue and was so pissed to say the least. I sat around for 1/2 after I got eliminated and finally got the extender off, and my arms were ready to all off too. I pondered what to do with this piece of crap, and I just walked over to the trash can and dumped it.

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