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        December 24, 2011
    • The machine holds 8 balls at a time.

      It requires two complete passes to clean a 16 ball set.

      A pass takes about 2 minutes.

      The 8 Blade Impeller is made of hard rubber and keeps the balls separate.

      The Retainer is made of hard rubber with nubs around the inside that jostle the balls so that the full surface of the balls are exposed to the cleaning pad and Polishing Disc. It also has a small lipped shelf directly under the Chemical Pad Cartridge to catch excess cleaning fluid or any runoff.

      The Chemical Pad Cartridge consists of two main parts; the cleaning pad that is moistened with cleaning/polishing fluid and a 3-inch rubber wing that exposes the cleaning pad to the balls during the clean cycle and covers the cleaning pad during the polish cycle.

      There are 3 holes in the back of the machine that expose the back of Chemical Pad Cartridge and facilitate its’ removal. Press on the back of the Chemical Pad Cartridge through the holes and it will pop out.

      The top is secured in place with a magnetic closure.

      Relatively quiet with minimal vibration during operation.

      Clean cycle (~55 seconds)
      The Impeller spins counter-clockwise and the Chemical Pad Cartridge wing is pulled to the left exposing the balls to the moistened cleaning pad.

      Pause (~5 seconds)
      The machine pauses to allow all moving objects to come to rest.

      Polish Cycle (~55 seconds)
      The Impeller spins clockwise and the Chemical Pad Cartridge wing is pulled to the right covering the cleaning pad preventing the balls from further contact with the cleaning pad.


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