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      • Currently 1/5 Stars.
        December 4, 2012
    • Not a fan at all. Does not hold well. Seems like a very cheap made chalk. Save your money and buy something better

      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        December 4, 2012
    • This shaft came with my joss jos07 cue. I immediately upgraded it to a predator z2 shaft. When i actually got this shaft out and shot with it i was blown away. I love the feel for being a 13mm shaft. Could of easily saved my money and made this my primary shaft for my joss.

      • Currently 4/5 Stars.
        December 4, 2012
    • I use this q claw every week. Works great for league players which always have the risk of their cue getting knocked over. Very durable and solid. Would be 5 stars but honestly the price is a little much for a cue holder. Still glad i purchased it. Nothing better on the market

      • Currently 3/5 Stars.
        December 4, 2012
    • Pretty decent hand talc. I used to keep a bag in my case all the time and never shot without it. I have gone to a good polish now and burnisher that really does more justice than hand talc

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      • Currently 2/5 Stars.
        December 4, 2012
    • This tip came on my Predator Z shaft and I have been shooting with it for a few months now and it really is a decent tip for the right person. to me it has too hard of a hit which i do not perfer. holds shape like no other tip i've seen. decent grab

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Location: Illinois

Playing Cue: Joss JOS07 w/ Predator Z 2nd Gen Shaft
Break Cue: McDermott w/ G10 ferulle & Water Buffalo Tip
Jump Cue: N/A
Cue Case: 2x2 Leather Case
Cue Accessory: Too many to mention