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        February 25, 2012
    • As an frequent player in poolhalls/bars I have been playing with house cues my whole life. I initially wanted to buy a more portable cue; something I could transport to and from bars/poolhalls without looking like "that guy". I mean, who brings a custom-made cue to a bar? I chose a sneaky pete because it wasn't flashy, it didn't have inlays to mess with the energy transfer and the joint was wood to wood. I can say without a doubt, this cue is fit for anyone. Whether you play pool often or on occasion, for the (astoundingly low) price, this cue is FANTASTIC. You can maintain power and control on the break, while making soft shots with precision. I have a medium-density tip on it and it performs great. The laquer on this cue keeps it from warping and protects it from scratches/chipping. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase (and PoolDawg's speedy processing) and will probably hold on to this cue indefinitely.

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