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        February 6, 2012
    • Love this shaft from McDermott. It recently became my everyday shooter when my old cue (which will remain unnamed) was stolen in a bar fight. This was my "backup", and now I wish Id shot with it more often. I have it paired on a cheaper L16 butt from the "Lucky" lineup, and this combo rocks for under $200 for everything. Iv let many people shoot with the stick and people are overall impressed with the shaft. I have put a Kamui black medium on, and dont see myself switching cues for awhile.

      Low deflection is the main reason I wanted this shaft, and I think it hits the nail on the head in its price range. I looked at the more expensive I shafts but couldn't justify the price (remember, this was just a backup). I have noticed much more control over the standard maple shaft, and a much nicer hit. I dont think anyone would be let down with this shaft for the price it is here.

      As always I do recommend trying before buying if possible. Save yourself hassle if you dont like it.

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