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        October 22, 2012
    • Now before I get started let me explain I tend to be a vertical axis type of shooter.

      I recently saw the new Predator Pure 1080 chalk in a email from PoolDawg and figured what the heck I have been highly disappointed with the last two cubes of Kamui as well as Kamui's response to my displeasure. Now I am not a ANTI-Kamui guy...I still use it because for me it works.

      I ordered a sleeve from PoolDawg and will priority shipping it was 15.00 so with 5 pieces in a sleeve we were at a 3.00 per cube cost slightly below Blue Diamond.

      I then headed off to the pool hall where I shaped my tip and cleaned it off and proceeded to chalk the first thing i noticed is it covered evenly and totally where ever i ran it...it has a smooth application with a slightly grittier look than my Kamui...

      I then thru out the rack and ran thru pocketing the balls with a assortment of stop follow draws side spins ...another rack...ran ....third rack when trying to pull a draw reverse kick I miscued finally..

      Chalked up and then started working on the outer edged and managed to hit anything I would fell comfortable hitting with the Kamui...


      Cost wise it is cheaper than Blue Diamond and Kamui

      It held well to my Kamui medium black tip and it seemed to grip the cueball as well as the Kamui allowing me to use far more extreme english without fear of miscuing

      I did not notice any chalk streaks on table or on cue ball

      Full size piece


      No long term affect on cloth test as of yet

      Cardboard holder seems flimsy and when down to lesser pieces like it would crush

      And thats about all I can say at this point...

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