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        September 29, 2012
    • Had been playing with my standard 13mm Viking shaft before I got this bad boy in the mail. I am blown away at the performance/price ration of this shaft. I've hit around with McDermott's, OB's, and even the new Viking X-Act Shot (or however you spell it), and love my Katana over all of them. Worth every penny, especially for the great price. My consistency of shots has improved dramatically, and the mean amount of English I put on this shaft doesn't phase it at all. Couldn't recommend highly enough. Nice and buttery smooth through the fingers. I wish someone had told me about the Katana a long time ago. Also, if you have a Viking butt, make sure you request to have the Katana tapped out for the quick release pin that you likely have. I had to send my Katana back to get this done. Once I got it back though, I've been in heaven. May your stroke be straight and your aim be true.

      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        July 6, 2012
    • I'm very happy with this jump break cue. Nice and tight connections between all three parts. My breaks have improved dramatically, and I love how solid the cue feels on the stroke. The phenolic tip is nice and hard, works great. I was surprised how nice the wood looks on the cue, very pretty. Couldn't be happier, would recommend to anyone. Beginner or Pro, this will definitely improve your break. Incredible value. I've spread the word about PoolDawg, and will continue doing so! Keep on rockin!

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