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        December 11, 2012
    • So might as well say this upfront, I got a glove cuz I was getting tired of talcing my hands and obviously talc isn't all that good for your cue, but ill say this it felt nice but something wasn't exactly right I noticed that the glove kinda started to grab, what was happening is it was pulling the was off the cue and making the glove not slick, this creates an issue, so my recommendation is unless u use something other than a wood shaft pick up a q wiz, wax ur shoft on a simi regular basis, use the qwiz on occasion, but here comes a huge old school secret.

      With a waxed cue if your cue ever gets slightly grippy on you, open up your wallet, grab the most crisp bill, fold it in half long ways twice, then run it up and down ur cue nice and quick, the dollar had wax on it as well which adds slightly to the wax on the cue if urs is running low, and if you have to much pulls off of it, also it creats friction and smooths out ur cue leaving it silcky smooth. So yeah lose the glove get a dollar bill you will thank me

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        December 3, 2012
    • ok so i may not use it for jumping, i put it on my break cue because i love tiger tips, and i wanted a really nice hard tip, this tip is like a rock pretty much, great for breaking, pretty good for jumping but i dont do it to often on my break cue, but as an alternative to your standard break tip, this jump tip is great being as hard as it is, it makes it so there is no give on the cue, and its all pop. sends it straight into the rack, destroying the rack everytime, but i do use it on my elite break cue as one of the safts for this.

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        December 1, 2012
    • so, lets see as a break cue it is amazing, dont need to put alot behind it to get a full table spread, if you line it up right, you can accurately 8 ball break. now for playing, i have a spare shaft for this with a tiger sniper tip, works wonders, and its amazing, once you get used to it, for those of you that like a heavy cue, this will work good for you, now i NEVER suggest actually using this as your main playing cue, just because with the weight it really carries alot of momentum, hard to have a soft shot really. but for some of those shots where a fair bit of ummpaaa is needed, this makes it really easy to keep your accuracy while throwing some weight behind the ball. i use an old mali for normal play. but when it comes to a SOLID break this is amaizing.

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Location: Oregon

Playing Cue: Mali level 2 386-5
Break Cue: Elite 27 break
Jump Cue: Poison jump
Cue Case: action
Cue Accessory: