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        September 17, 2012
    • This is my first Lucasi, after playing Vikings and a Joss for years. First, let me say, that the thing is a different feel than other sticks. The shock absorbtion may not feel "right" at first, since it takes some power off the shot. So, like a new softer tip, it takes a getting a little used-to. Then, watch out! There's full power there when you hit hard, and there's no deflection. Just like the ads say, the entire shaft is one large sweet spot.
      The rubber grip took some getting used to also. Same thing...a little squishy, so it felt less precise at first. Then, after a few hours, the hand pressure adjusted and the touch is more precise, in my opinion, than a bare or threaded shaft.
      Great stick. Nice to know that Lucasi makes these in large quantities, so if mine gets lost or broken, the next one will be identical to this one. And, I would want it to be identical. Great stick. Not "for the price" great... Just "great" all around.

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