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        October 22, 2012
    • I have been using this cue for one season in league play and I am extrememly pleased with it. My goal was to achieve consistancy with my own break cue instead of using a random bar cue.

      The cue is very heavy but the weight bolt can be removed to bring the weight down to a normal cue weight, if you can't handle a cue that hits like the "Hammer of Thor". When I first started using the cue, I tended to miscue because the tip is unlike the cues I'm used to breaking with. With a little practice and chalking I have no problems with a miscue at all!!! My wife also uses this cue to break with and has NO problem with the weight or with miscues.

      For the money how can you go wrong with this heavy phenolic tip break cue. If you don't like the weight remove the weight bolt and you still have a great break cue for the money.

      I would buy the cue again and recommend it to a friend.

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