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        February 3, 2013
    • I would give this 4.5 stars. My only complaint would be the top of the butt is a different color maple from the shaft. I bought this cue after trying many cues and owning my McD with G core for a while, hated the feel of the g core shaft. The Vemon shaft felt better to me than the 314^2. I really love this cue the feel is amazing, I put a Kamui black soft tip on it and it is amazing. I even chose this over the Schon I was trying at cheap cues in Beaverton OR. This is completely personal preference, so go try cues before you buy, because I would have never picked this cue otherwise. I was set on a Joss or Schon or something around $500 when to me this shot better. After a month of shooting and I shoot 4-5 nights a week, it is the best decision I have made.

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