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        April 20, 2013
    • I bought this cue for several reasons. I don’t like flashy cues, because they distract me from my game. This cue is beautiful, but not flashy and attention grabbing. That being said, several folks at the pool hall I frequent have asked to take a look at it. I was also looking for a cue that could play very well, and strike with a consistent balance. This cue does that.
      I don’t see the need to pay $1000 for a cue that does the job as well as a $50 cue. I’m in it to win, not to compensate.
      All that being said, this cue is well worth the price! It only took a few games before I was used to her feel, and shot after shot I find myself to blame for missed shots, not the cue. It comes at 19 oz., and I thought that I’d bump it up to my normal 21 oz., but I held off for a few days to see how the lighter weight would play. My control went up, and a big part of that was the weight distribution. Nice balance.
      Overall, if you are looking to spend about $200 bones on a cue, that will play very well and not distract from the (more) important balls, this would be a fine addition to your cue case.

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