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      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        July 27, 2013
    • If your Cue Ball got lost or damaged, this is a good replacement for a good price.

      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        July 27, 2013
    • I got 2 of these cues about 8 months ago. I got them just to have as house cues on the wall rack for friends and family to use when they come over. For $12 these are great cues. They have been used for 8 months and they are not bending in any way, Still as straight as the day I got them. I personally don't shoot with them too often but my guests never complain and when I do shoot with them they feel great for a $12 cue. So if your looking for some cheap cues to use at the house or extras to fill your wall racks, this cue is great quality for $12

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