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      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        November 17, 2013
    • Perfect 19oz. 52inch house cue for cue ball on the rail space hazard. Shoots very nice.

      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        November 17, 2013
    • My accessory kit for my Olhausen table was pure junk, very unflattering for a Olhausen. The cues were all warped and the balls left burns, rolled poorly and were audible.
      The Aramith's are quiet, beautiful, roll correctly when coming to a stop and no burns. A big improvement.

      • Currently 5/5 Stars.
        September 4, 2013
    • Like any new que, it took me awhile to adjust to it. Now that I have played it routinely, it feels like a precision scalpel in my hands. The difference to me, than playing a lesser que, is silky glide shaft and the general feel and balance. Going back and playing a value priced que, they feel butt heavy, dull, benign and antiseptic. Before a game I wash my hands like a surgeon, thoroughly dry and apply a light coat of baby powder. I can definitely say my game has improved, confirmed by my competition.

Location: Stansbury Park, Utah

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