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        September 10, 2013
    • After purchasing the predator black 2x4 hard case, this one comes through where the other falls short. 30" shafts will fi withJPs where they will not in the other (Predator Shafts and Logo Jp's...yes really), the exterior pocket is large enough to hold all your Q accessories and not get so full that the exterior zippered pocket is rendered useless. Access to the predator air jump break pouches are a little difficult to access if you have more than ache tool and cube of chalk in the pocket. Also as with the hard Blake case the strap os lacking. The pad doesn't stay on your shoulder we'll and oils use more padding for both cases..the hard case is heavy to begin with and with thosvone four cues and 8 shafts Lois accessories get heavy. I blights Pool Dash strap doth the Sherpa pad and it works flawlessly. I reallylike the zipped combination lock that youvcan change the combo quicklyif need be. The decal on the back of the Predator silhouette eventually peels off nut a little goo gone and you never know it was there. I was a little frustrated bit a biddy pointed out...with that gone and the replacement case no longer screams...hey I have 6k worth of cues in me protected by a $2.00 combo lock.COME STEAL ME!! Love to rep Predator but he made a lot of sense. The other reviewer stated hounded a table etc. I never play with all the Q's that are in this case so all you have to do is just open it up pull the one or two out you're going to use put those in your Q stand and leaning up against your table or wherever you're going to place it no need to have a dedicated table for at all you can even sit on the bottom and just unzip one side and put your keys out just like you would a hard real issue. As far as the shaft feeling snuggly the inside of the case is very very soft and very general to your butts and chefs I'd rather than 50 snuggly than not and if it accidentally gets put over my shoulder without being shipped I don't want to fall out the magnetic snap closures for each of the coupon inside are also really nice. I'm not crazy about the velcro closure that holds the two handles together but that can be removed easily as long as you're willing to take the extra 30 Seconds to grab both of the handles when you get ready to pick it up...coconut to me has always just said "cheap"to me. I also think the earlier versions of this case Paramore leather-like look and feel to them yes its final and for $125 what do you expect?? Overall great value for the cost even with all my nitpicking...hey its not a JB, Volturi or Whitten. Call me does the job nicely for my production cues...andvIm sure will for you that hard case ny Predator....another story.....yuck!

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